Alice Timke

Alice Timke was born in the early sixties in the southern part of London, USA. Alice’s family moved to the Beverly Hills area not too long after her birth and her formative years were spent in the southern California area. From an early age, Alice expressed an interest in art. She spent a great deal of time browsing local galleries and exhibitions in her neighbourhood taking in the art of a variety of different artists and their artwork. Before long she became enrolled in art classes above and beyond her formal schooling.

The art classes quickly became the highlights of her days. Alice was learning methods and technique along with art history and today’s contemporary art market. With her genuine interest for various media and passion for the art it was her future. Her talent combined with a sound basis of techniques soon paved her way into the galleries and private collections.

Alice’s original works on canvas are based on a mixed media technique. She mixes colours, geometric figures applications, ink, oils and acrylics into a well balanced abstract scenery with her one very personal style. Inspiration she easily finds in surrounding nature where colours are constantly changing, and she always keeps an open eye on the latest trends, design and decorative elements-a true contempary artists.