Julien Landa

Julien Landa, Dutch artist, born on May 5, 1947 in Rotterdam The Netherlands.

Up until the age of 35, Julien Landa seemed to be in search of a quest in life. After many years as a self-employed photographer and several changes of habitat, he returned in 1982 to his native city of Rotterdam and reorganised his life. There he took up a new artistic challenge and found his fulfilment in painting with oil colours. In the finished works of Julien Landa, his affinity to the Dutch Masters Rembrandt and Vermeer is clearly evident.

The predominant still-life compositions have a fascinating vividness and are distinctly individual. He created and perfected his own personal style with such fanaticism and diligence that he has become one of the most acclaimed and popular Dutch artists of our era. By a fortunate coincidence, Julien Landa was introduced in 1988 to golf, which he likewise pursues with great enthusiasm and ability. His handicap of 6 in this domain speaks for itself! His twin passions for painting and golf have led to a very meaningful symbiosis that has found expression in his extremely popular golf pictures, which are in strong demand even beyond the Dutch borders.

One of his golf-theme works hangs in The British Museum of Golf in St. Andrews. Another is in the possession of Severiano Ballesteros. Golf-themes are only occasionally represented in the compositions of Julien Landa, as he is pre-eminently devoted to still-life. We are proud to present to you a selection of works by Julien Landa. The original works are oil paintings on panel. The serigraphs (silk-screen prints) available in limited editions are each signed and numbered by the artist after a thorough and close examination.