Luca Dall’olio

Luca Dall’olio  was born in 1958 in Chiari, in the province of Brescia Italy.
He attended the Art College in Brescia and then The Milan Fine Arts Academy.
He graduated in 1980. His travels throughout the World played a fundamental role in the evolution of his Artistic Style. His drawings decorate many books and Art Galleries.

He has participated at The Miami International Expo, Artmultiple in Dusseldorf, The New york Art Expo and Strat in Strasburg. He created the large Mosaics for the Villa Bonelli and The Fiumicino Subway Stations in Rome. He was commissionedto place his Art  work on the Luxury Ships of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships in Miami. He has had and continues to have Exhibitions throughout the World.

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