Gary Benfield

Gary Benfield born 1965 (Birmingham). After leaving the academic world he set up his own studio near London and concentrated on drawing and painting figures. Within a few years his work was collected throughout Europe and his reputation firmly established. Benfield has a natural talent for depicting things as seen. His work is spontaneous and is reflected by his drawn lines and dashes of colour. The figures dissolve in and out of their backgrounds and move across the paper.

His pictures represent a discrete world of objects witch combine figures, mythology, nature, still life and despite the casual appearance of his compositions, all this imagery is highly organised, after long observation one finds the hidden symmetry of the graphic design.

For Benfield, the world around him is a continuous sequence of contained casuality.
Objects and figures intertwine in his mind, they dance, they fuse, the one adopts the colour and life of the other. We are drawn into an intimate world of his imagery, where sensuality and delight in life’s form are combined in flight of frolic and fantasy.