Evgeniva Barakina
Evgeniya Barakina was born in Jakutia in Siberia. Her passion to “create”, led her to the farthest corners of the former Soviet Union.

She started her education in the Art School of Jakutia, were she was schooled for 4 years in the classic realism of Russian painting. After that she completed her painting skills with a one year specialisation at the Art University of Vladivostok in the utmost East of Russia.

Then Barakina was admitted to the National Academy of Art in Saint-Petersburg. In this celebrated academy only one out of twelve students pass the entrance exams. Barakina studied there in the interesting post-Perestroika period from 1994 until 2000. Her education was a mixture of the solid skills of the old Russian masters and the fresh breeze that came from the fast changing Russian society. Her study included varied aspects of decorative and monumental art, as there are : stained glass technique, mosaic, mural fresco, enamel, encaustic, handmade textile decoration and – of course – various painting techniques.

Barakinas work experiences include the painting and decoration of costumes for the Russian Drama Theater of Jakutia. From 1998 until 2001, she carved portraits on granite gravestones, which are to be admired in some of the most beautiful cemeteries of St-Petersburg.

Several of her works have awarded prices in Russia, among them 10 oil paintings for the Vasilevsky Hospital entrance hall, and her stained glass windows for the Russian Bank building of St-Petersburg. Barakina participated in exhibitions in St-Petersburg, Moscow and Jakutia. She is a member of the Russian Artist Union in Moscow.